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Oh A-rig. How do I love thee!!! Let me count the…FISH!

By startfishingtoday

Updated on: July 4th, 2022 at 04:34 amOh A-rig…How do I love thee!!! Let me count the times! So, WOW!!! Back in 2011 when the “A-rig” or Alabama rig or umbrella rig came to the market, I didn’t even know about it. I actually took an unintentional break from fishing for quite a few years – actually, maybe like 5 or 6 years. I didn’t really miss it because I was so focused on other stuff…like getting married, a mortgage, kids etc. Basically life got in the way and priorities changed without even realizing it. I fast forward to the last 3 years, I have only focused on saltwater – be it offshore inshore (jetty and surf fishing). The day that has changed my fishing life forever was April 8 of this year, 2021. I was fishing at one of the local jetties and this guy (Peter) shows up with…