Sunset Beach Surf Fishing Report – Jan 22, 2021

Overall Conditions – Morning

Weather: Mostly cloudy and 55 degrees

Ocean Surface: Relatively Smooth

Water Temp: About 58 degrees

Surf: 2-3′ faces

Bait used: Lucky Craft FM 110

Fishing Summary

When I got my YFC yesterday am, I saw a halibut jump out of the water. So, I changed it up today and brought the hard baits. This 13″ corbina was hungry! Was it the target species? Of course! It’s a fin fish that took my bait. 

I really love it when you go the the beach with no expectations of catching anything – just doing it for the experience and enjoy the fresh air. Watching the dolphins jump and surf the waves while almost unknowingly continuously casting away. Then, out of nowhere, you get the bite. It’s startling at first and you’re not sure whether you have a fish, debris of some sort, or whatever. Then you get some headshakes and remember that you’re using a LC with a total of 9 hooks – this fish isn’t getting away. So, you enjoy the little fight, hoping that it’s a halibut. But, even when the corbina made it to the shore, I was still super stoked even though it wasn’t the hali I was hoping for. I always lean back on my surf fishing philosophy – any fish I catch in the surf is a great fish and my target species. Unlike fishing on a boat, I don’t have a digital fish finder, sonar, or anything like that. So, it’s makes it that much more special and gratifying when I do catch something.

I tried using so other patterns as well as some Jigpara Micro, but no other bites. 

NOTE: Sorry for the combination of 1st and 3rd person in this post. Oh well. 

Until my next post, have fun and stay healthy!


Corbina on Lucky Craft 110