OC Surf Fishing Report – Jan 10, 2021

Overall Conditions – Morning

Weather: Sunny and 54 degrees

Ocean Surface: Smooth

Water Temp: About 57 degrees

Surf: 4-6′ faces

Bait used: Carolina Rig with Gulp! Sandworm and Big Hammer Motor Oil grub.

Fishing Summary

The surf was down about half of what it was yesterday and he tide was super high this morning – a little over 6ft. I walked up and down the beach, looking for a spot with less current and finally found a great spot after about an hour. Conditions definitely improved as the morning went on, but…no fish. I’ve gone fishing now 8-10 days straight now and have not seen a single bird dive or fish jump out of the water. 

Venting Section…

I’ll be honest, it’s getting very frustrating to go out every day (some days only for an hour and other days for multiple hours and multiple trips) to get 1 or no fish. I am really looking forward to the next day where I actually get 2+ fish in 1 trip. I don’t care if the fish is only a couple inches long (like my last perch a couple days ago). But, Since I live so close to the beach and can surf pretty much every day, I still consider myself very fortunate. I suppose that is the best part of fishing – any given day can bring you your personal best catch and that keeps me going back as often as possible…

Until my next post, have fun and stay healthy!