North Orange County Beach Fishing Report – April 29-May 8, 2021

Fishing Summary

Let’s start this report off by saying “Wow!!! What a week!”

It’s really hard to find the time to sit down to write a fishing report when you’re using nearly every opportunity to fish. It is spring and the fish spawn turned on. OMG did it turn on!

Last week was tough (leading into Thursday April 29th). I was using every fishing style I could think of, Lucky Craft, Jigpara, dropshot, Carolina rig with Gulp! Sandworms and grubs, Fishbites…The list goes on. I was getting bites here and there, but nothing was wanting to play along.

Then, on Thursday, April 29, everything changed – quickly. I was walking back to my vehicle after waiving the white flag early when I decided to take a look at a jetty opening. I was really surprised to see that there was nobody fishing (this was a morning and the tide was just right). Water was moving very slow, so I figured this would be a great opportunity for a quick 15 minute stop – maybe get a bite on a  halibut or something. At least a bat ray to give me a fight.

So, I put on a dropshot rig with a 5” Super Fluke in a Smokin’ Shad color and threw it out a couple times. With the water moving slow, it allows the angler to give the bait real subtle movements and allows the fish to see the bait for a longer period of time. In a very short time, I had a hookup! Finally! After a little fight, I reeled in a short halibut, somewhere in the 18” range. The daily skunking was over.

Now, instead of having you read a lengthy report, I’m simply going to fill this with a bunch of pictures and videos with a short description and let you simply enjoy the last 10 days of halibut and spotted bay bass catches. Enjoy!!!


Small California Halibut caught on a dropshot rig with a Smokin’ Shad fluke.

Halibut next to rod

Repeat of the above. Short Halibut on dropshot.

Halibut in hand

Finally I catch a legal halibut from the surf/jetty in crystal clear water.

Halibut teeth

A free-swimming halibut at my feet. A missed bite and a few casts later…