North Huntington Beach Surf Fishing Report – Jan 9, 2021

Overall Conditions – Morning

Weather: Foggy and 57 degrees

Ocean Surface: Smooth

Water Temp: About 57 degrees

Surf: 6-8′ faces

Bait used: Jipara 15g, 20g and Lucky Craft FM 110

Fishing Summary

This morning had increase surf size and a fairly strong north to south current. I started in south Huntington Beach today, but there was already a gusty south wind and VERY strong north to south drift with the increased surf size. So I drove 15 minutes north to Bolsa Chica State Beach and the wind was not an issue. However, with the stronger surf and strong current, definitely not ideal conditions. There are a lot of holes/small structure for the fish, but the water was moving so fast that it was very hard to keep the jig in the zone. No fish caught.

Overall Conditions – Afternoon

Weather: Sunny and 64 degrees

Ocean Surface: Textured

Water Temp: About 57 degrees

Surf: 5-7′ faces

Bait used: Jipara 15g and Lucky Craft FM 110

Fishing Summary

Basically the same as above…and no fish.
Until my next post, have fun and stay healthy!