How much is a fishing license in Hawaii?

Fishing licenses in Hawaii can range from about FREE for a Resident Annual Senior fishing license to about $25.00 for a Non Resident Annual fishing license. Take a look below for all the resident and non resident fishing licenses and prices.

PRICES DISCLOSURE: We do our best to stay current, but prices can change without notice to us. The prices below may or may not be the exact current prices for the license(s) listed.

How much does a fishing license cost in Hawaii?

Hawaii Resident Annual Freshwater Fishing License: Ages 16 and older

$5.00  BUY NOW

Hawaii Resident Annual Minor Freshwater Fishing License: Ages 9 – 15

$3.00  BUY NOW

Hawaii Resident Annual Senior Freshwater Fishing License: Ages 65 and older


How much is a non resident fishing license in Hawaii?

Hawaii Non Resident Annual Freshwater Fishing License 

$25.00  BUY NOW

Hawaii Non Resident 7-Day Tourist Freshwater Fishing License 

$10.00  BUY NOW

Hawaii Non Resident 30-Day Tourist Freshwater Fishing License 

$20.00  BUY NOW

Where can I buy a fishing license?

Authorized Vendor List

By phone at (808) 587-0100

Here are some of the best places to fish in Hawaii.

All information listed above can also be seen on the Fishing Licenses page of the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: At what age is a valid fishing license required to fish in Hawaii?

Answer: The state of Hawaii requires anyone over the age of 9 to possess a valid recreational freshwater Hawaii fishing license. 

Question: Is a separate ocean or saltwater fishing license required for fishing in Hawaii?

Answer: No, as long as you DO NOT sell your catch.