Bolsa Chica Surf Fishing Report – Jan 12, 2021

Overall Conditions – Morning

Weather: Sunny and 44 degrees

Ocean Surface: Smooth

Water Temp: About 57 degrees

Surf: 6-9′ faces

Bait used: C-rig with 1oz slider and thawed salted mussel meat.

Fishing Summary

Mussels are proving to be the way to go. Got this little surf perch this morning. Waves were pounding the shore with 5-8 foot faces. Just happened to let my slider sit in the near-shore trough for a little longer than normal. A wave slammed down and my rod tip kept bouncing. I felt a small tug, but as you can see by the size of the fish, I really didn’t think there was anything there. Low an below, a palm-size surf perch on the hook. Solid hook placement in the upper corner of the jaw. Sometimes I definitely would rather be lucky than good.


Barred Surf Perch on mussel meat