About Us

StartFishingToday™ was created with one idea in mind – create a website that shows all the fishing licenses that every state offers, the easiest and fastest ways to purchase these licenses, the best places to go fishing in each state, and lastly, partner with the best and most well-respected brands in the industry to get our users the best possible deals around so they can fish as much as they want with top quality products. All of that in one website? YEAH!!!

Sometimes you can spend hours upon hours browsing many different websites just trying to piece together info for a trip. Getting basic information like what licenses/tags/permits are needed, what the costs are, and, most importantly, where to go for the best experience possible takes forever. By the time you have everything in order, you just want to take a nap.

We got so tired of the aforementioned process that instead of complaining about the problem trip after trip, we simply decided to build exactly what we want to experience ourselves. Our goal is to add new content to the site every day, so be sure to bookmark the website and follow us on Instagram @startfishingtoday to get notified when we new content is added.

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